LHE teachers and staff are rocking it! Let's show them some love with something off of their favorites list.  

Name: Kay Adams
Position: DLC
Favorites: Adams Favorites
Name: Maggie Anderson
Position: 5th Math/Science
Favorites: Anderson Favorites
Name: Cindy Avila
Position: PreK Aide 3
Favorites: Avila Favorites
Name: Krystal Baker
Position: Kindergarten
Favorites: Baker Favorites
Name: Sarah Beasely
Position: 6th Math
Favorites: Beasely Favorites
Name: Mark Bell
Position: Assistant Principal
Favorites: Bell Favorites
Name: Rocio Beltran
Position: SPED (K-3)
Favorites: Beltran Favorites
Name: Dawn Bird
Position: PreK (4)
Favorites: Bird Favorites
Name: Augusta Black
Position: Counselor
Favorites: Black's Favorites
Name: Gabby Brown
Position: LITE (Librarian)
Favorites: Brown Favorites
Name: Titus Brown
Name: Nicole Brumelow
Position: Resource
Favorites: Brumelow Favorites
Name: Veronica Bullard
Position: Campus Reading Specialist
Favorites: Bullard Favorites
Name: Kristin Cameron
Position: Speech
Favorites: Cameron Favorites
Name: Allison Campbell
Position: 4th
Favorites: Campbell Favorites
Name: Destiny Cerda
Position: 2nd Bilingual
Favorites: Cerda Favorites
Name: Jenna Ciardo
Position: 3rd
Favorites: Ciardo Favorites
Name: Denise Clow
Position: 4th ELAR
Favorites: Clow Favorites
Name: Courtney Cloyed
Position: Kindergarten
Favorites: Cloyed Favorites
Name: Angel Cochran
Position: Executive Assistant
Favorites: Cochran Favorites
Name: Taylor Cox
Position: 2nd
Favorites: Cox Favorites
Name: Kristina Crain
Position: SPED Early Education
Favorites: Crain Favorites
Name: Kaitlin Craven (Skinner)
Position: 2nd
Favorites: Craven Favorites
Name: Elaine Doering
Position: DLC
Favorites: Doering Favorites
Name: Jenny Fantini
Position: Kindergarten Bilingual (1st Bilingual Virtual)
Favorites: Fantini Favorites
Name: Penny Forte
Position: Clerk
Favorites: Forte Favorites
Name: Liz Frazer
Position: DLC 4-6
Favorites: Frazer Favorites
Name: Amy Furlong
Position: Music
Favorites: Furlong Favorites
Name: Amanda Goldberg
Position: 1st
Favorites: Goldberg Favorites
Name: Logan Grant
Position: 1st
Favorites: Grant Favorites
Name: Pam Grieder
Position: Resource
Favorites: Grieder Favorites
Name: Wendy Griffin
Position: Kindergarten
Favorites: Griffin Favorites
Name: Emily Gruninger
Position: Principal
Name: Annette Guerra-Renaud
Position: Bilingual ESL Pullout
Name: Laura Guzman
Position: 1st Bilingual
Favorites: L Guzman Favorites
Name: Telsa Guzman
Position: PreK
Favorites: T Guzman Favorites
Name: Hannah Hardin
Position: Kindergarten
Favorites: Hardin Favorites
Name: Minga Hernandez
Position: Clerk
Favorites: Minga Favorites
Name: Kathy Hess
Position: Small Talk Aide
Favorites: Hess Favorites
Name: Kimberly Holt
Position: Dyslexia
Favorites: Holt Favorites
Name: Janet Huben
Position: Instructional Coach
Favorites: Huben Favorites
Name: Kourtney Hutcherson
Position: 3rd
Name: Elsy Jazily
Position: Resource
Favorites: Jazily Favorites
Name: Yuen Yee Ling Kam
Position: Worker
Favorites: Kam Favorites
Name: Madison Keck
Position: 5th Reading
Favorites: Keck Favorites
Name: Alexandra Kellum
Position: SPED Aide
Favorites: Kellum Favorites
Name: Jennifer Kirklen
Position: 2nd
Favorites: Kirklen Favorites
Name: Lindsay Lancaster
Position: 3rd
Name: Lindsay Leander
Position: Speech Therapist
Favorites: Leander Favorites
Name: Heather Lee
Position: 5th
Favorites: Lee Favorites
Name: Rosalina Ley
Position: 3rd Bilingual
Favorites: Ley Favorites
Name: Agnes Lukose
Position: Part Time Counselor
Favorites: Lukose Favorites
Name: Beth Lyons
Position: 3rd
Favorites: Lyons Favorites
Name: Margaret Martin
Position: Resource
Favorites: Martin Favorites
Name: Katie May
Position: CDC
Favorites: May Favorites
Name: Galilea Medina
Position: PreK Aide 1
Favorites: Medina Favorites
Name: Donna Morrissey
Position: School Nurse
Name: Ashley Ogal
Position: 6th ELAR
Favorites: Ogal Favorites
Name: Ann Parrott
Position: ECSE PreK/Sped Aide
Favorites: Parrott Favorites
Name: Jessi Pittman
Position: PE
Favorites: Pittman Favorites
Name: Hilary Puckett
Position: 6th
Favorites: Puckett Favorites
Name: Jenny Purser
Position: Diagnostician
Favorites: Purser Favorites
Name: Salvador Rivas Rodriguez
Position: 2nd
Favorites: Rivas Favorites
Name: Maria Rocha
Position: Food Services/Lunch Lady
Favorites: Rocha Favorites
Name: Jennifer Ross
Position: 1st
Favorites: Ross Favorites
Name: Melissa Ruffino
Position: SPED
Favorites: Ruffino Favorites
Name: Nancy Saavedra
Position: SDS- Office
Favorites: Saavedra Favorites
Name: Stephanie Sankey
Position: 4th
Favorites: Sankey Favorites
Name: Lillian Santiago
Position: 4th Bilingual
Favorites: Santiago Favorites
Name: Shauna Schultz
Position: 2nd
Favorites: Schultz Favorites
Name: Chelsea Sexton
Position: Art
Favorites: Sexton Favorites
Name: Abigail Sigler
Position: Music
Favorites: Sigler Favorites
Name: Dina Sun
Position: Cafe
Favorites: Sun Favorites
Name: Gina Taylor
Favorites: Taylor Favorites
Name: Craig Titsworth
Position: PE
Name: Cristina Valdes-Klock
Position: PreK para
Name: Yamira Velazquez
Position: ESL Aide
Favorites: Velazquez Favorites
Name: Mary Waters
Position: Dyslexia
Favorites: Waters Favorites
Name: Katie Wright
Position: 1st
Favorites: Wright Favorites
Name: Michael Zimmerman
Position: Lab/Tech