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LHE Office: 469-593-2100

LHE Nurse: 469-593-2048 

LHE Cafeteria: 469-593-2078 






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If you or a family member would like to volunteer at the school or chaperone field trips, this background check needs to be completed ANNUALLY. Please note, it takes two weeks to process. 

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Pay Pams is used to fund your student's lunch money!

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Please contact Jennifer Allen, PTA President with questions.  jmallen94@gmail.com






RISD Volunteer Application

There are so many ways to support LHE…Become a Room Parent, Reading or Math Angel, or volunteer at the Book Fair! Don’t forget to join Dad’s Club and volunteer as a Door Greeter, WATCH Dog, and more!

Volunteer Application

Thank you LHE Families for your donation to the 65th Anniversary campaign!


Amber & Jacob Gipson

Caroline & Brian Smiley

Christina & David Georgen

Chad & Kristen Przano

Amanda & Neil Harris

Jennifer Rosales & Michael Leal

Katherine & Geoff Blaine

Veronica & Sam Bullard

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Mary & David Stewart

Lori & David Kjeldgaard

Ali & Ben Jackson

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Chris & Lecia Mavros

Sara & Vince Houk

Jennifer & Reed Wilcox

Jennifer & Patrick Allen

John White & Naixa Franquiz

Megan & Brad Bean

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Laura & James Frye

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Jason & Jill Cook

Jose & Jennifer Reyes

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Hilaree Casada & Byron Ebelt

Katherine & Barry Black

Dana & Jason Sherman

Melissa & Cody Reed

Meredith & Matt Rooker

Heather & Andrew Offer

Andrea Holmgreen

Huyen & Phillip Carboni

Lindsay & Casey Robertson

Kimberly & Mar Wagliardo

Alice & Andrew Macey

Lynsey & James Purl

Kimberly & Bren Spivey

Katie & Dave Anderson

Audrey & Samuel Sequenzia

Carl Hasler & M.Pete Carroll-Hasler

Lauren & Joshua Ellison

Elizabeth & Justin Vaughan

Elizabeth & Jason Fenimore

Andrea & Toby Newham

Michele & Chris Zupa

Katy & Jeff Ragsdale

Elizabeth & Jeff Ryan

Lauren & Jeffrey Scott

Kristen & Michael Petrini

Remberto Navarro

Bethany & Dave Wittenburg

Sarah & Dietrich Knabe

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Sarah & Dietrich Knabe

Mary Virginia & Reid Grandle

Laura & Scott Stead




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