Welcome! The LHE PTA Board is here to help you learn about LHE and make sure our students, teachers and school have the support they need to succeed and have a great year. 


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LHE Office: 469-593-2100

LHE Nurse: 469-593-2048 

LHE Cafeteria: 469-593-2078 




LHE is in need of volunteers for the below activities.  Please consider signing up!  In order to volunteer in person you must first fill out the RISD Volunteer Application at Voly | Where your passions and volunteer opportunities click..  Masks are mandatory at all volunteer opportunities.  
3. LHE 6th Grade Activites:


Did you miss the first general PTA meeting?  Watch it here! 



PowerPoint presentation here.










2021-2022 Planners are available for purchase! If you purchase more than one planner, all planners will be sent to your oldest child's classroom. The price per planner is $5 including tax.


If you have ordered an Edukit school supplies kit, a planner is already included and you will not need to purchase again.




Your student may also purchase (Cash Only) directly, at school, through Augusta Black's office.  




Thanks to all those who reserved a message for this school year!  All money raised will go directly toward our 2021-2022 PTA fundraising goals.












Click here for school supply lists by grade  








Sign & Go tickets are still available!  

If you are interested in hosting a Sign & Go, there is still time.  

Please contact Cat Fenoglio at catfenoglio@gmail.com

Parties are available through December 2021.




Click here for a list of all of the teacher favorites! 






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If you or a family member would like to volunteer at the school or chaperone field trips, this background check needs to be completed ANNUALLY. Please note, it takes two weeks to process. 

Go here to fill out.





Pay Pams is used to fund your student's lunch money!

To set up an account and add to your child's cafeteria funds go here.











Please contact Jennifer Allen, PTA President with questions.  jmallen94@gmail.com




Help Our 4th Graders

Please consider making a donation to help our 4th Graders attend Sky Ranch Science Camp in their 5th grade year.

Donate Here



RISD Volunteer Application

There are so many ways to support LHE…Become a Room Parent, Reading or Math Angel, or volunteer at the Book Fair! Don’t forget to join Dad’s Club and volunteer as a Door Greeter, WATCH Dog, and more!

Volunteer Application

Upcoming Events



Join the PTA!

The more members we have, the bigger our voice! In the wise words of the Texas PTA: Back the future - be informed. Be active. Be your kid’s biggest fan. Be PTA.