Letter from the PTA President

Dear LHE Wildcat Families,


Kristin Roan, PTA President 2016-2017

On behalf of the Lake Highlands Elementary PTA, welcome to the 2021-22 school year!  LHE is a one-of-a-kind community made up of active parents and encouraging staff who are focused on building a thriving educational environment for our children.  The goal of the PTA is to support and strengthen Lake Highlands Elementary to ensure that each student has the opportunity to reach their full potential!   We are fortunate to be standing on the shoulders of and benefiting from 66 years of dedicated people - students, parents, teachers and staff members - who have laid the foundation for our school. This momentum and hard work propels us forward, into a year that brings a lot of exciting changes and opportunities.


We manage a yearly budget of $141,750 which pays for operating expenses, teacher support, and student enrichment activities. Over the years, the LHE PTA has also made site improvements including the Wildcat Wonderland, two Wildcat Walkways and shade structures for our playgrounds.  We work hard to ensure our students and staff have a safe campus with the tools they need to succeed.   

For our PTA to be successful, we need your help!  In the same way our teachers and staff grow and nurture our children, now is the time for us as parents to nurture our staff and school.


Please consider taking the following steps in being an active part of our school community:

1)   Join the PTA!  The more members we have, the bigger our voice! In the wise words of the Texas PTA: Back the future - be informed. Be active. Be your kid’s biggest fan. Be PTA.



2)   Volunteer! There are so many ways to support LHE…Become a Room Parent, Reading or Math Angel, or volunteer at the Book Fair! Don’t forget to join Dad’s Club and volunteer as a Door Greeter, WATCH Dog, and more!


3)   Support the PTA with a financial contribution. This year marks LHE’s 66th Anniversary.  Please consider making a donation of $66 in the form of a monetary donation to the PTA HERE.  We have several fundraisers throughout the year, so please show your support as you are able. Our largest fundraiser is the LHE Auction on February 4th.  You can support the auction by being a sponsor, donate an item to the silent/ live auction, host a sign and go party, and/ or buy tickets to attend. 


Thank you for giving of your time, talents and resources!  We are stronger together, and I truly appreciate your support of our beloved Lake Highlands Elementary!



Jennifer Allen

LHE PTA President 2021-22