Wee Wildcats
This year, we are hopeful that our Wee Wildcat Program will remain in-person. Whether we meet in-person or virtually, we'll invite you to come experience the "Wildcat Way" while learning in our classrooms! Participants will get to take a tour of some of our classes and have mini-classroom instructional sessions in which they can get a feel for kindergarten life at LHE.  
Note: This year's program will not include 3 year old's as it did in previous years.  Please contact Penny Forte if you have any questions.  





Registration Instructions:



Whether or not we are able to meet in-person this year, registration is still necessary to keep you informed of upcoming events.  There is no fee for registration, but YOU MUST complete your order by going through the checkout process. Choose checkout with No Payment. You will know that your registration is submitted when you receive an email receipt confirming your registration. 


Please see the School Tour Page for more info about our scheduled LHE School Tour and take a look at our 2020-2021 Virtual School Tour.  



We have started Facebook Groups for the purpose of parent communication and to help promote LHE events. Together we can provide the best experience for our students. Click on your future Wildcats Kindergarten year to connect to your Facebook Group.


Click here for information about the Lake Highlands area Early Childhood PTA