School Tours



There are 3 ways to get to know LHE:

Attend the December School Tour (now passed), a Monthly School Tour with our PTA President, and/or attend WEE WILDCATS!



NOTE:  For incoming 2020 Kindergartners only, please attend our Wee Wildcats Program that starts in the spring of 2020. This is the best way for you and your child to experience LHE together





If you cannot attend the December School Tour, there are other school tour dates available. You are welcome to bring your child to these less formal tours with Jennifer Wilcox, our PTA President. Contact her at to reserve your spot. Bring your driver’s license and your questions, and meet at the front office by 9am to attend one of the following monthly school tours:


October 11 at 9:00am (now passed)


November 8 at 9:00am (now passed)


December 5 at 9:30am (now passed)


February 7 at 9:00am


March 6 at 9:00am


April 3 at 9:00am


May 8 at 9:00am