President, Jennifer Allen

1st VP Aide, Courtney Slye

2nd VP - Membership, Ali Jackson

3rd VP Ways & Means, Auction Co-Chair, Jill Valachovic

Secretary, Melissa Reed

Treasurer, Kelly Pacatte

Parliamentarian,  Jennifer Wilcox


Auction Co-Chair, Megan Bean

Citizenship & Legislation, Michelle Schwabe

Clothes Closet, Kelly Horner

Community Partners, Lori Kjeldgaard

Early Childhood, Sophie Macfarlan

Environmental/Grounds, Samantha Ditta

Fine Arts/Reflections, Veronica Bullard

Health, Jennifer Piquett-Reyes

Hoops, Sarah Herrington

Hospitality, Amy Tuggle

Library, Anna Cobbs

Membership Toolkit, Ashley Jones

Newsletter, Michelle Arce

Parent Education, Jodie Green

Programs, Sarah Beasley

Publicity, Ann Willis

Reading and Math Angels, Kelly Campos

Room Parent Rep, Mary Virginia Grandle

SAGE Representative, Katie Anderson

Spirit Wear, Abigail Lau

School Supplies, Michele Zupa

Translation, Silvia Martinez

Volunteer Services, Leeanne Seely

Website, Andrea Newham

Youth Safety & Physical Ed, Jacy Russell


Special Representatives & Honorary Members (Non-Voting)

Council Delegate (1), Lindsay Cleland

Council Delegate (2), Eleanor Boynton

Auction Vice Chair (Sign and Go’s/Teacher Experiences), Catherine “Cat” Fenoglio

Auction Vice Chair, Bethany Wittenburg

Historian: Lindsay Robertson

Hospitality Vice Chair, Janice Orr

School Supplies Vice Chair, Jennifer Fitzgerald

Dad’s Club: Cameron Allaverdi

Senior Breakfast Liaison, Kimberley Spivey

Signs Coordinator, Cameron Allaverdi

6th Grade Activities, Suzy Shoup

4th Grade Activities (1), Meredith Rooker

4th Grade Activities (2), Michelle Miller

Uniform Fairy, Bibi Miller




Principal, Emily Gruninger